Our olive wood

Olive wood is a dense timber that burns well, is long lasting and has a unique, mild, olive wood aroma.  Cedar Gully Olives has an abundant amount of olive wood as our olive trees need to be severely pruned for harvesting. Some trees will be removed. Once the trees have been reduced in size, they’ll need regular pruning, the off cuts providing a renewable source of fuel. The wood is natural and free of chemical sprays.

Our charcoal

Our olive wood is turned into charcoal in a retort kiln or carboniser on our property. High quality wood charcoal lumps are produced in an oxygen reduced environment when moisture and tars are driven out of the wood at high temperatures, the process is called pyrolysis. Stage 1 begins by setting a fire at both ends of the retort to remove the moisture out of the wood. During stage 2 the wood begins to release a flammable wood gas (which is a mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane). This wood gas is redirected into the fire box where it burns and becomes the heat source for the rest of the process. This 2nd stage can take up to 8 hours, depending on the moisture content of the wood.  Both green and dry wood can be turned into lump charcoal.

Making charcoal

Our kiln at work during stage 1 of pyrolysis. Moisture is being driven out of the wood.