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Olive wood cooking charcoal in cooker


Avid slow cooker

"I have been using Cedar Gully Olive wood cooking charcoal in my low and slow BBQ for about the last 2 years. It is awesome! When cooking a beef brisket, the olive wood gives a richer dense flavour to the meat as opposed to iron bark. The olive holds a lower heat very well, and maintains temp to perfection, perfect for the 15-18 hour cook of a full beef brisket. I have also used the olive wood for smoking fish, mainly snapper, and it also gives the fish the same rich, hearty flavour."

Sarah Hazelhurst

Sarah Hazelhurst

Artist and Art Therapist

"My experience working with natural olive wood artist charcoal sticks. I first played with the beautiful whimsical soft grey olive charcoal sticks, they created a vibrant whisper echo mark with delicate texture. This helped to set a gentle space to graduate to a deeper note of charcoal. I moved to the rich black soft natural wood. This added great depth and contrast for good strong definition. The beauty about having two distinct types of charcoal allows you to have divine black and white contrast, while adding another layer of gentle textured grey. I enjoyed the way they felt on the page and in my hand, I would definitely recommend them for all levels of art practice."

Andrea Chaplin

Andrea Chaplin


"I really enjoyed drawing with your charcoal – it is really easy to work with. I found it went on to the paper easily and could be removed with a light eraser and even lifted well with my finger but also if layered it gave a beautiful intense, darkness. It has a great density – not too soft and doesn’t leave much excess dust on the paper. The different diameters you supply make it very useful when laying a lot of charcoal, just a little, or doing the detail work. Overall, a versatile product that is easy to use and comparable to store bought charcoal. I think it is awesome and will continue to use it for my upcoming projects."