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Artist drawing sticks

Natural Olive Wood charcoal sticks

Olive wood and soft wood drawing sticks of varying thicknesses. Approximately 8 in a box. Made from olive wood branches, the bark is peeled off to give an even finish

New to charcoal drawing or haven’t done it for a while? Why not buy one of our Art Charcoal Drawing Kits. It contains 2 boxes of art charcoal sticks, an A5 visual diary, a blending stick and a sharpener.

Olives by Andrea

Andrea Chapman


I really enjoyed drawing with your charcoal – it is really easy to work with. I found it went on to the paper easily and could be removed with a light eraser and even lifted well with my finger but also if layered it gave a beautiful intense, darkness. It is a great density – not too soft and doesn’t leave much excess dust on the paper. The different diameters you supply make it very useful when laying a lot of charcoal, just a little, or doing the detail work.
Overall, a versatile product that is easy to use and comparable to store bought charcoal. I think it is awesome and will continue to use it for my upcoming projects!

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Natural Olive Wood charcoal sticksNatural Olive Wood charcoal sticks